Overexposure - series of images stitched together from Cathedral Square

Physical 3-D representation of "Overexposure"
Cut with the assistance of the talented Ryan Jetten, Mobile fine artist specializing in collages.

SOLD April 2010.

Fog Lights II

Fog Lights I

Fog Lights - Battlehouse

Royal Street

Four Square

Cathedral Skylights

Moonshine (at the loop)

Tunnel Vision

Jackie Blue

Copper on the Cusp

Honorable Discharge (left)


Honorable Discharge II (right)

Honorable Discharge III


Party's Over

Sea Wall


van Antwerp

Landmarks in Mobile

A set of images for a group exhibit titled, Landmarks, in which three photographers photographed various locations in Mobile, Alabama. Some historic, some note-worthy, and some for the sheer fascination showing Old Mobile’s dark-side. Exhibition held at the Paper Wasp Gallery in April 2010. Opened during Arts Alive 2010.

Paper Wasp Gallery